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"Hi, I'm a Storyteller" - said every wedding photographer trying to sound deep. Trust me, it's a cliché...but maybe it just might be true?

Anyway I’m Michael, a Hawke’s Bay photographer. I live in Napier, it's a cool town. My work takes me all over New Zealand and I love seeing and photographing people and places. I love wedding photography and that’s mainly what I do. When I’m not working I’m all about family, music, film, art, tech and design.

From when I was a little boy singing along to songs in the back seat of my parents car, to when I created a music fanzine with a photocopier, printer and scissors, to being a DJ on public radio late at night, to playing and writing music in rock’n’roll bands, to my semi-encyclopaedic knowledge of film, to my photography – art is what I have always come back to.

My photography style could be described as modern with an analogue, intimate, warm, film feel. I am pretty obsessed with helping to create an environment that helps me make humanistic, connected, real, authentic and natural photos for people. I’ve been told that one of the hallmarks of my photography is that it has it's own unique style. I will more tend to try and “see” and wait for those special moments to happen and capture them, rather than manufacture them. I tend to try and capture genuine interaction between people rather than have people focus on me, the camera and lens. I strive to foster an environment of trust, ease and spontaneity. I tell a lot of dad jokes. I’ve found this helps even people who aren’t normally comfortable in front of a camera, relax, and believe me I know what it’s like to be awkward in front of a camera. I believe that wedding photography should tell a story of your day, but I don’t need to tell it for you – most of the time I am just present, watching, observant and I tell the story that happens before me with as much beauty as my eye and my camera let me.

I’m a full time wedding photographer and have been since December 2014, after quitting my day job working in an office relocating with my family from Auckland to Napier, Hawke’s Bay. I usually book 25-35 weddings a season, and at this point don’t really know how many weddings I’ve shot. As a Napier Photographer the industry is really small and tight-knit here, and I can give you tips and recommendations for great vendors in Hawke's Bay.

Diversity statement

It shouldn’t have to be said, but here it goes: I am happy to work with all races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and people who originate from any country. If you look at my work you can see that I celebrate and welcome diversity. If you book me, and there is something that I need to know to show respect for you or your family and friends, please just let me know. Peace and love x

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