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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I'm a Hawke's Bay Photographer and a Napier Photographer, and have been full time here since 2014. I live in Napier, Hawke's Bay, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

How long have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you photographed?

I shot my first wedding in November, 2010. I have probably shot over 150 weddings, at this stage I'm not sure of the exact number.

How long have you been a Wedding Videographer?

Although I am experienced in photography, I am much newer as a Hawke's Bay Videographer. I've already shot a number of wedding films and have several more booked. You can view my Wedding Films under the "Wedding Videography" section of my site. I have set expectations with my brides that I am new to videography to be completely transparent and set realistic expectations, and I charge according to my experience (I'm cheap for now, in other words). However my video gear is of professional grade, with professional level video body, professional audio, and latest generation lenses.

What do you charge?

My pricing starts from $750 per hour with two hour minimum for elopement and intimate weddings. However for key dates I reserve the right to keep the date open for Options One, Two and Three as I'm a full time photographer, solo father and the sole breadwinner in my house. Contact me for pricing of my main wedding options. For details on my Wedding Options, see "Wedding Package Options" under the Weddings Section of my site.

How do I book? Is there a deposit?

Enquire now to secure your date (the button below takes you to my contact form). There is a booking fee of $800 to secure the date, 40% of the balance is due 6 months before the wedding and the remaining balance is due before the wedding.

How much do you charge for travel?

I charge a set travel fee per region for simplicity. My price guide details charges for travel for various parts of New Zealand. Travel is itemised in your invoice up front before you book or pay for anything so there are no hidden or unknown costs.

Can I pencil in our date with you?

Of course! Use the contact form below and lets work together. However the date isn't secured until you pay the booking fee and I will always let you know if someone else enquires for your date if you are still deciding or haven't paid the booking fee.

How long do you take to deliver the final images after the wedding?

For each wedding I deliver a sneak peek of 50-100 images within 7 days. If your date is in peak wedding season (November to April) the final online gallery delivery usually takes 6-12 weeks.

Do you use second photographers?

Generally I shoot by myself. I have been shooting weddings for 13 years and have confidence in shooting alone and getting great coverage. You still may book a second photographer, the cost for this is in my price guide.

Do you use associate photographers?

If I am not free on your date I will offer you a particular associate to shoot your wedding for me, and I will edit the images. You will always know if you have booked me or an associate, or you will always get a chance to view the associate's work before you book, up front. If you book me I never pull out of your wedding to shoot another. All my associates are experienced wedding photographers in their own right and have their own websites and portfolios you are able to view before you commit to anything.

Can we meet before the wedding?

Yes, of course I think it is a great idea. It's important that you feel comfortable and relaxed around me, and that you believe I am the right person to entrust to photograph your wedding.

Who owns copyright of the images?

All photographs are copyright of Michael Schultz, though you have licence to store your imges digitally, upload to all social media outlets, store the images, email and print as many as you like for personal use.

Can I print my images through you?

You sure can! You can order prints directly from your online gallery, select the print size, at any time, 24 hours a day. The order is fulfilled by a professional photo lab. With most of my wedding options, you get 25 5x7" prints included which I personally print on my own in-house Canon Pro-1000 professional photo printer, presented in an heirloom keepsake box. You don't have to print with me - you can print were you like - but I can't vouch for the quality of the printing unless we print for you.

How long do you need for wedding couple portraits on my wedding day?

Generally set aside 1h15m, excluding travel, for bridal portraits. Some of that with your bridal party, and some without for about the last half an hour. Also I usually like to do sunset or post sunset (blue hour) couple photos, weather permitting, for about 10 minutes as this is my favourite light of the day. You will often see this light on my website and Instagram. It's a purple/pink/dusky/glowy/soft/romantic light you get after then sun goes behind a hill or horizon, that I find lovely.

Are the final images at high resolution?

Yes they are, my gallery gives you the option to download images at full resolution or web resolution for social media use for your convenience. My camera is a late generation high megapixel camera, even printing very large the images will look great.


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"I'm a Storyteller" - said almost every wedding photographer and videographer, ever. For me maybe, just maybe, it just might be true?

Hey! I’m Michael, a Hawke’s Bay Photographer. I live in Napier, it's a cool town. My work takes me all over New Zealand and I love seeing and photographing people and places. I love wedding photography and wedding videography and that’s mainly what I do but I also do portraits, engagement shoots, couple shoots, proposal sessions and maternity shoots. When I’m not working I’m all about family, friends, hiking, music, film, art, tech and design. Of late I've been a bit of an audiophile geek and love vinyl, CD as well as high res streaming, so we could argue about the merits and pitfalls of MQA vs FLAC and other streaming formats, and if Spotify is better than Tidal or vice versa. If you know what that kind of stuff is and want to fight me let's go, haha x

From when I was a little boy singing along to songs in the back seat of my parents car, to when I created a music fanzine with a photocopier, printer and scissors, to being a DJ on public radio late at night, to playing and writing music in rock’n’roll bands, to my semi-encyclopaedic knowledge of film, to my photography – art is what I have always come back to and what has really lit my fire, so to speak.

My wedding photography could be described as modern and romantic with an analogue, intimate, warm, film feel. My wedding videography? I'll get back to you on how I describe that - it's a work in progress. I am pretty obsessed with helping to create an environment that helps me make humanistic, connected, real, authentic and natural photos for people. I’ve been told that one of the hallmarks of my photography is that it has it's own unique style and people can spot it a mile off. I'm quite proud of that, and take it as a compliment. My way is to try and “see” and wait for those special moments to happen and capture them, rather than manufacture them. I tend to try and capture genuine interaction between people rather than have people focus on me, the camera and lens. I strive to foster an environment of trust, ease and spontaneity so that people can express themselves and their intimacy with each other. I tell a lot of dad jokes. I’ve found this helps even people who aren’t normally comfortable in front of a camera, relax, and believe me I know what it’s like to be awkward in front of a camera. I believe that wedding photography should tell a story of your day, but I don’t need to tell it for you – most of the time I am just present, watching, observant and I tell the story that happens before me with as much beauty as my eye and my camera let me. I mean it's your wedding and it's my job to make it so. Also people all through my portfolio are unretouched and not photoshopped.

I’m a full time wedding photographer and videographer and have been since December 2015, after quitting my day job working in an office in Auckland and relocating with my family to Napier, Hawke’s Bay. I usually book 25-35 weddings a season, and at this point don’t really know how many weddings I’ve shot but it's gotta be well over 100.

Diversity statement

It shouldn’t have to be said, but here it goes: I am happy to work with all races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and people who originate from any country. If you look at my work you can see that I celebrate and welcome diversity. If you book me, and there is something that I need to know to show respect for you or your family and friends, please just let me know. Peace and love x

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