Photographed by Hawke's Bay Wedding Photographer MichaeL

Tessa and Dane’s big day went smashingly well. It really felt summery, but looked springy, because everything was super green and colourful on their day, and everyone seemed to have such sunny demeanours. As you can see it was very glam and we got the summer crispy full green wedding day we all wanted and needed. As a Hawkes Bay Wedding Photographer it was such a pleasure and an honour to be there for these lovely humans.

The bridesmaid dresses were lovely and colourful and I really like seeing the use of colour in this wedding in general. It felt like summer was here and it felt like Photographers Hawke's Bay wide were all off doing their own wedding things in their own little corners of the world and everything was as it should be.

Thrown in for good measure was some golden Te Mata Peak Wedding light which has got to be a dream for a Hawke's Bay Wedding Photographer, right?

The lovely people involved