Kate and Ed's Bostock Winery Wedding, Hawke's Bay

Photographed by Hawke's Bay Wedding Photographer Michael

As a Hawke's Bay Wedding Photographer I was still in some shock and didn't know what to expect. This wedding was very soon after our massive cyclone had severly damaged the region. However it was so exciting to have this wedding go ahead, and having such a great day doing it. Kate @katemrobertson and Ed @edmoore87 ’s wedding was just so lovely, stylish and easy. A Bostock Winery Wedding sounds to me like a great idea, with the grounds being so beautiful and expansive and with the horseshoe shapped buildings and the huge dining hall.

With a determination to forge ahead with the wedding, to use local vendors, and being from the Bay herself in the case of Kate, it was lovely to be on board as Photographers Hawke's Bay wide had a lot of cancellations and disruptions to their weddings and bookings.

The whole day flowed and ebbed and although it was hard to pull Kate and Ed away from their beloved guests, I think you'll agree when I did we created just a little bit of magic. As a Hawke's Bay Photographer and Napier Photographer you thrive on getting such beautiful and elegant weddings and I was also really proud of the work the vendor team did here, they are listed below.