How did you get started in photography?

That's a question I am often asked, in small talk, and when I meet people, when they either already know or I've just told them I'm a professional photographer. The answer, especially when it comes to life choices and education, is complex. But I often tell people that it was this trip, because in many ways it was. India is hectic and chaotic. Man, is it ever. But at times it wasn't and at times to deal with it you find yourself looking inward for inner calm and peace. Sometimes you don't find it, but in some moments there I really felt like I did. For the first time my eye and my hand really seemed to be clicking with the camera, and I was being intentional about what I was putting in my frame and what I left out and what that meant for the story I was trying to tell.

So I thought it'd be neat to show you photos from this trip. They're very dear to me - I am still quite proud of a lot of them. The camera was my first DSLR and the lens I mainly used was a aged Nikon pro lens from the 80s and clearly the lens had a fungus and haze issue. But I still find these images magical. It was a time of hope for me personally, so it also takes me back to who I was when I shot these images. Anyway, enjoy x