Lily and Sharn were going to take the long weekend out of Auckland to travel to their wedding venue in the Bay of Plenty to do some wedding related bits and pieces, and asked me if I was free for them to make a little dog leg down to Hawke's Bay for an engagement session with me. It'd been a while since we first met when they were down in Hawke's Bay scouting wedding venues so it was lovely to catch up. It just so happened I was on a child free night with my wife Jenny so it was lovely that she got to meet Lily and Sharn as well. As a wedding photographer in Hawke's Bay this spot almost feels like my second home, but I was used to it being a bit quieter up on Te Mata Peak. There was a busy long weekend crowd that was up there waiting for the last beautiful rays of the Hawke's Bay sun to twinkle over the mountain tops. It didn't disappoint. Although they were a bit nervous at the start, the grace and connection that these two have simply can't be recreated and I was lucky to have had them up the Peak on such a beautiful evening. I hope you like these x