Hawkes Bay Wedding Videographer

For a while there has been a shortage of Hawke's Bay Videographers and Napier Videographers. So I'm excited to introduce Robin, who I have chosen as an associate to shoot wedding videos with me. He's an experienced, talented, steady hand on video and I am really excited to have him on board with me. I think there is a real need for tasteful, connected, warm, non-cheesy wedding videography in Hawke's Bay and in New Zealand as a whole. I'm really happy to help provide that to you. I think that having my own videographer I know and work with regularly will help us work seamlessly for you to give you the best wedding experience without being obtrusive, and to give you amazing photos and video to cherish forever. I really trust Robin's experience, style and abilities and I hope you will too. Trust in both of us is really important to me, it's how you let us do what we do best.


About Robin

Robin is an experienced videographer that has been shooting video since 2011. Robin travels the world with his videography, but primarily works in New Zealand in our summer months and France and The United States in their summer months. He believes in working hard, staying genuine, and having a high level of integrity.

Authenticity and adventure are the core of his values and our work. He enjoys the process of creating just as much as the result. Your day is an adventure and we both take you on an adventure and the experience we craft with you goes beyond just one single moment. It’s a journey.

His biggest reward to date cannot be measured through a portfolio of images but more by the amount of genuine moments and great friends he's made in the process.

When not shooting for Michael Schultz Photography as a Hawke's Bay Videographer Robin shoots video under his own brand along with his photographer wife, Steph. He lives in Bay Of Plenty with Steph and their young son.

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